These startups are applying new-age tech to make cricket more savvy

  • India is the world’s biggest cricket market in viewership, sponsorships and revenues.
  • Every aspect of sport — from player training and coaching to post-match analytics to live broadcast and viewer engagement — is being or stands to be disrupted by technology.
  • Further, based on the application type, the sector is categorised into fan insights and engagement analysis, team management analysis, business operations analysis, video analysis, injury and health assessments, and so on.
  • It has already invested close to $10 million in a couple of early stage Indian sports startups, most of which are working in cricket.As cricket is the country’s biggest sport in terms of viewership, sponsorships and revenues, the predominance of cricket startups is justifiable.
  • YourStory lists a few interesting cricket startups in India.SpektacomBengaluru-based Spektacom Technologies was founded by former Team India cricketer Anil Kumble.

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