Is it fair to say that the future of money is in Fintech?

  • Fintech is abbreviated of financial technology, which is implemented to each company that uses the internet, mobile phones, cloud computing, and open source software to improve the efficiency of banking and investment.
  • Meanwhile, there is also a great opportunity due to the competition in this field is low, which means nonmature firms will not be excluded and able to sharpen decision-making ability, since this area will become unpredictable in the future.
  • In that context, Fintech makes hinged changes to its financial operations; it is almost certain that financial institutions that do not use Fintech will be excluded from competition.
  • Many Fintech products and services are available in a variety of categories from personal finance, banking, payment, blockchain, fintech insurance, and other financial services.
  • Fintech has almost become an indispensable division for the commercial market, of course, investment funds, financial institutions, and startup cannot dispense with this potential tool.

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