Scared of Germs on Your Toilet Seat? This Mumbai Startup Has The Perfect Solution For You

  • While traditional cleaning methods of using toilet paper, disinfectants or jet spray don’t exactly guarantee hygiene, it also isn’t possible for the cleaning staff to douse toilet seats with Harpic every time someone uses them.
  • Enter Safe Seat, an electronic and an automatic sanitary machine with a sensor attached in each toilet seat, which rolls out a fresh sanitary film roll every time you use it.
  • With our product, every user gets a 100% dry and clean toilet seat.
  • That’s what Safe Seat gives you,” says Ruchit Desai, Director at Agrasen Global Private Limited, a Mumbai-based startup which manufactures Safe Seat, speaking to The Better India.
  • A plastic roll made of recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) covers the seat.

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