Opinion | Has WhatsApp called India’s bluff on fake news?

  • For many months it seemed likely that the Indian government would succeed in pressuring WhatsApp to act more strongly than it previously has into fighting fake news, probably before this year’s Lok Sabha elections.
  • It merely called the proposals too broad, or “not possible” before the elections, or — as WhatsApp communications chief Carl Woog said last week during a visit to the Indian capital — that such changes “would require us to re-architect WhatsApp, leading to a different product, one that would not be fundamentally private.
  • With his sharp comment, Woog may also have ensured that people who live in glass houses cannot cast the first stone and consequently, paused the fight against fake news until at least the Lok Sabha polls.
  • It will surprise nobody if the Lok Sabha polls this year is won or lost on WhatsApp smarts.

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