Nigel Farage’s Grand Tour of Sabotage: The Paypal of the People Rides High – Countercurrents

  • In the European elections last month, the Brexit Party won a stonking 29 seats against the Liberal Democrats with 16, Labour 10, the Greens seven, the Tories four, the SNP three, and Plaid Cymru and the DUP with one each.
  • Despite doing well, Farage was careful to avoid drawing attention to another result: 40 percent of the UK European vote went to parties who are against Brexit, with 35 percent favouring it.
  • The reading from Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable was bound to be at odds with Brexiter enthusiasts.
  • His UK Independence party disintegrated even as its former leader starting to milk the lecture circuit and cosy up to US President Donald Trump.

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