How this 32-year-old’s leisure travel startup turned to medical tourism to help cancer patients

  • It was a grave situation, and medical value travel (MVT) startup Magnus Medi stepped in to support Josephine with a quick action plan and much-needed support.
  • With India’s medical tourism industry expected to grow by 200 percent by 2020 and touted to hit $9 billion , according to Ministry of Tourism figures, Mihir Vora’s Magnus Medi addresses this burgeoning market.
  • Today, international patients receive state-of-the-art medical treatment not easily available in their own country with Vora’s entrepreneurial venture.
  • That was the fortuitous start for the Mumbai-based MVT startup Magnus Medi back in 2010.
  • A patient who uses Magnus Medi’s services first decides on the kind of medical treatment needed by logging onto the website of Magnus Medi, selecting from a list of hospitals and doctors, and getting estimates on the required treatment.

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