Marketing In The Age Of Digital: An Interview With Morin Talukder, CEO, Pickaboo – Future Startup

  • An increasing number of brands are now investing in digital platforms ranging from Facebook, local ad networks to YouTube and other platforms.
  • We mostly work in collaboration with different brands who sell on our platform -almost 70% of our marketing activities are carried out in collaboration with smartphone brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.
  • We work more on the behavioral targeting – age group, the device they are currently using and their tendency to buy a new device or upgrade.
  • We create an audience called ” look like audience” similar to those who are browsing so that we could push similar types of products to the people who have similar interests.
  • This is something quite new for us in the sense that our understanding of the usage of social media has changed and is evolving every day.
  • This story is made possible by our friends at WebAble Digital , a leading digital communication technology company based in Dhaka.

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