Can mfine’s Hospital Network Bridge The Gaps In India’s Healthcare Delivery Systems?

  • The healthcare industry in India is said to be one of the fastest growing sectors backed by India’s rising income, health awareness, and access to insurance, but also due to the increase in lifestyle and stress-related diseases.
  • While, mfine’s model of collaborating with hospitals does allow it to easily onboard doctors and patients, thanks to the high-ticket consultation fees at large hospitals, access to healthcare services is again limited to high income families only, who already have access to quality healthcare.
  • Contrary to mfine’s network of hospitals model is Medcords, which runs a network of local pharmacies which has helped the company to gain significant user base in the rural areas.
  • Responding to this, Ashutosh said that the company is currently focussed on building a cloud network of quality private hospitals.
  • While in the urban context, partnering with private hospitals makes admissions and consultations easier for patients, it’s the rural population that is most in need of improved access to quality doctors and healthcare.

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