Eight ‘do or die’ strategies to become a digital sports powerhouse

  • This is being done successfully at clubs like FC Köln and Arsenal, within organising bodies like La Liga and Uefa, and even at stadiums such as the Johan Cruyff Arena or Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge.
  • City Football Group (CFG), the owners of Manchester City, are an example of this principle – owning multiple clubs on many continents allows them to test innovation, in places like the US or Australia, before implementing it in the Premier League.
  • In fact, Real Sociedad, a legendary but mid-tier La Liga club, has adopted a digital transformation roadmap, including a smart stadium innovation programme for startups and, more recently, has been the driving force in establishing a global alliance of like-minded digital and tech savvy clubs in order to leverage economies of scale to compete with the super clubs.
  • Three shining examples are the Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers who, driven by HBSE, were also one of the first sports teams to acquire an esports club as well as establish an innovation hub.
  • Small soccer clubs don’t have to be left behind, and also have an opportunity to leverage innovation and compete with the big players.

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