Dewo uses AI to minimize digital distractions

  • A productivity-tracking tool that taps AI to create up-to-the-minute time sheets on employees’ behalves, Timely quickly found success, racking up thousands of paying customers across over 160 countries and attracting the attention of investors like Concentric, Investinor, 500 Startups, and SNÖ Ventures.
  • In point of fact, Dewo’s design was informed by the AI model underpinning Timely, which privately tracks everything users do – including the files they work on, websites they visit, calendar appointments they create, and more.
  • A clustering algorithm helps Dewo predict which apps and activities are useful to a person, identifying groups of users that weren’t previously known (e.g., social media managers who often use Facebook and Twitter).
  • A simpler version of the clustering algorithm ​​helps Dewo to predict if a person is nearing deep work, so the tool knows when to block notifications.
  • Mikkelsen envisions this reporting helping to build cases for more productive work arrangements for employees, like flexible hours, smarter meeting planning, and new schedules.

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