Amit Somani of Prime Ventures explains why startups need economic moats to shield themselves from competition

  • Also ReadYou have to be the secret sauce in your startup: Prime Venture Partners’ Sanjay SwamyAs Amit Somani, Managing Partner at Prime Venture Partners, says, ” A moat is always the castle’s first direct line of defense.
  • Amit said, ” With moats, businesses get that competitive edge in the market that the rivals can seldom match up to and the company remains protected under all market situations.
  • the Prime Knowledge series with Amit Somani, brought to you by Prime Ventures, an early-stage VC fund investing in technology and product-focused businesses:Some popular economic moatsSimilar to the medieval fortress moats, economic moats can also vary in nature.
  • Two businesses may or may not have the same type of moat and can exist side by side in the same market.

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