Profile of Chainalysis, a crypto analytics startup helping government agencies like FBI, IRS, DEA, and ICE in tracking illicit cryptocurrency transactions

  • After a study showed that Ring shares data with Facebook, Google, and others without users’ consent, Ring says it will soon allow more control over data sharing
  • Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be regulated somewhere between a phone company and a newspaper, even though Facebook is neither, and the company’s immense scale, amplifying power and algorithmic selection are traits that newspapers and telcos don’t share.
  • EFF’s first staff lawyer reflects on how the debate around online speech has evolved and where he thinks the early internet activists got things right and wrong
  • Sources: Palantir is changing employee compensation, moving from cash bonuses toward restricted stock units by next year, to cut costs and prepare for an IPO
  • Palantir will start paying employee bonuses in stock units instead of cash even though an IPO may be years away
  • The intersection of politics, ads and Facebook policies is now so complicated that the public has to understand the difference between organic and sponcon, disclosed sponcon and properly disclosed sponcon, political ads that go in the archive and don’t, are fact-checked and not.

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