Abandoned by banks, Indonesia’s poor farmers turn to mobile phone crowdfunding (

  • CROWDE farmers do not receive cash, but instead get equipment like tools, seeds, fertilisers and pesticides, which CROWDE buys at a lower rate from agricultural suppliers.
  • As well as holding farmers back, informal lending can also hinder growth in the value chain because traders and buyers who offer loans cannot invest that money in their own businesses.
  • Without access to financial services, Asian farmers struggle to pay premiums for crop insurance, join certification schemes that open up new markets, use the latest technologies or buy hardier seeds – dampening yields as a result.
  • Supportive measures could include lending quotas for the agriculture sector, interest rate caps for farmers and rules requiring banks to expand into rural areas, they added.
  • India – which has a third of Asia-Pacific’s farms – has made strides in federal schemes for weather-based crop insurance, while China is using apps to get financial services to farmers.

Anil Kumble lauds ICC for crackdown on suspect bowling action (

  • Former India captain Anil Kumble Thursday lauded the ICC for its crackdown on bowlers with suspect action, a far cry from the criticism the apex body faced sporadically in the not-too-distant past for its approach in dealing with the issue.
  • Not long ago, the ICC was at the receiving end of criticism from players.
  • Pakistan’s former star Saeed Ajmal headlined a series of spinners to be reported and reprimanded in the last few years.
  • The Power Bat provides players, coaches, commentators, fans and viewers with a unique way to engage with the sport and help improve their game.

[Tech30] What if you could order an app to obey your commands (in your own language)? Slang Labs is doing just that (

  • For those who don’t remember, they were the founders of Little Eye Labs, which went on to be acquired by Facebook in 2014.
  • She told us that if we could build it in a month and get real testimonials for the product, we could pitch at TechSparks.
  • The decision focus to build for voice came with the launch of Amazon’s Alexa, says Kumar.
  • If you want to buy a pizza, we don’t read out a menu, you ask for pizza on voice, and get visuals for the pizzas.
  • Enterprises who can use this include those whose apps have a lot of functionalities (e.g. telecom providers or aggregators of multiple services) who want to simplify their user experience.

The Young And The Restless ()

  • It’s about creation of job opportunities — or lack thereof — in the last few years in India.
  • The ruling dispensation trashes the thesis and, instead, argues that the thrust has been on creating entrepreneurs through various government interventions.
  • After applications were received from startups and grown-up companies, they were reviewed by BW Businessworld editors as the first step of filtering.
  • The shortlisted applications were discussed and reviewed by a panel of jury members on the basis of pre-defined parameters covering objective as well as subjective aspects.

Snapdeal 2.0 faces a new world order in Indian e-commerce (

  • Snapdeal was among India’s top three e-commerce websites till early 2017, when the then seven-year-old firm began to unravel.
  • In January last year, it reported losses of Rs3,316 crore ($432 million) for the year ended March 2016, double than the previous year.
  • Snapdeal 2.0, first announced in August last year, was a game plan to focus on core business and divest all peripheral assets.
  • Flipkart has made a series of investments since then, infusing a fresh capital of Rs3,463 crore in its online marketplace in September, investing over Rs900 crore in its logistics arm eKart, and ploughing in over Rs450 crore in its payments vertical PhonePe in August.

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  • Mumbai-based leading FMCG company Procter & Gamble India (P India) has announced the launch of a multimillion-dollar fund which aims to invest in Indian startups and will also focus on collaborative growth strategy.
  • Additionally, P India will also be launching its online platform ‘P Hackathon’  in order to come up with innovative solutions via connecting external business partners with the company needs.
  • Once launched, startups, small or large businesses will get a platform to pitch their solutions and may also get business opportunities with the company.
  • P India was established in 1964 and currently operates under three entities in India – Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited, Gillette India Limited and Procter & Gamble Home Products’.

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  • Well, the company has now entered into yet another battle with its arch rival Paytm – the wealth management.
  • MobiKwik today announced its foray into the wealth management space with a 100% acquisition of Clearfunds, an online wealth management platform based out of Mumbai.
  • This is the first acquisition ever by MobiKwik and will help the brand to further strengthen its foothold in the digital financial services industry.
  • Post the acquisition, the founder and CEO of Clearfunds, Kunal Bajaj will lead MobiKwik’s wealth management business.
  • In the mutual funds’ industry, startups such as Fisdom, a personal wealth management startup; WealthTrust, a wealth management application; Tauro Wealth, a stock market investments platform; Tipbazaar; and Scripbox have been working to tap into the growing market.

Dream11 emerges from a legal wrangle to build India’s leading fantasy sports platform (

  • Sports enthusiasts and childhood fans Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth started fantasy sports platform Dream11 nearly a decade ago on a mere hunch that sports fantasy leagues would be big business one day.
  • To be sure, Dream11’s journey began all the way back in 2009, when two childhood friends Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth, who were also avid sports fans and engineers, started the company with a firm belief that sports fantasy leagues would become a big business opportunity in a country of a billion-something cricket fans.
  • Over the years, Dream11 has evolved into India’s biggest sports gaming platform, offering multiple sports – fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball – to its four crore strong user base of Indian sports fans.
  • Being a user-first company focusing heavily on real-time fan engagement, Dream11’s primary goal is to provide Indian sports fans with the best, most trusted single-match fantasy sports experience.
  • Some of the biggest sports leagues in the world such as the CPL, ISL and the NBA are using fantasy sports as their primary tool of fan engagement through Dream11 .
  • Even the IPL and EPL have their own fantasy sports offering, with the whole industry focused on providing a holistic user experience through highly engaging sports product offerings.