Consulting and Training

Consulting and Training

Our team has setup multiple newsrooms over the years. It is capable of helping you setup your entire news operations whether it is cutting edge digital or broadcast. We believe in re-inventing the newsrooms by adopting newer technology that can significantly increase the speed of delivery of content, improve the quality of the content and at the same time, massively reduce the cost of building one. We can set-up a newsroom for you at 1/10th of the cost of a traditional newsroom, thus keeping you ahead of the competition.

We do this on a build-operate-transfer model. We can build the newsroom from scratch and give it to you fully operational set-up. We consult on all aspects of television news, documentaries and technology. We can even take your present newsroom and find how to optimise on workforce and get the best out of them.

We have spent decades in journalism, newsrooms and understand what keeps a viewer stay with you long term and respect you. We help you hire the best quality talent and train them so that they can serve the purpose of your newsroom.

Integrated Newsrooms

With the exponential rise of the digital space, every traditional newsroom whether it be print or broadcast needs to mark its presence in the digital space to retain its audience.

With digital world, scores of new terms and people with expertise in them enter the newsroom like the web journalists, distribution team, SEOs, social media updates, viral content, videos for the web, virtual reality, infographics, gasification, interaction, listicles, google analytics, google ads, website creation, mobile journalism etc. It is a fast paced evolving news world.

But, are all these different media of reporting and publishing content disconnected from each other? Do we need to have different teams for each media or they can all be integrated?

We find that synergy and the ability of the same people to create content that can be consumed by different audiences. The TV audience consumes quite different content from the audience that comes on mobile. We strategise to create different types of content with the same people and optimising the costs of your newsroom. We train them in news forms of media to get the information out fast and accurately.

At present, it is essential for a newsroom to have a combination of human resources and machine learning integrated into their workings to create an efficient, ethical and cost effective work space.