Nowadays, we are constantly surrounded by activity. Someone is tweeting or updating their facebook page or posting a new video or publishing an article. It is essential for us to track these updates and changes but the process is painstakingly time consuming. With more information floating around, it is difficult to track everything but at the same time it is a requirement to deliver, consume and stay on top of the game.

On a daily basis, we have to sift through several articles, compare them, and analyze what is said and what needs to be said. There are long reports sometimes going in 1000 pages that have to be read, broken down and analysed. It is a long drawn process and takes significant amount of our man-hours.

Is it possible to simplify this process?

At Global live, we understand your growing content needs. With us, not only will your stories be more frequently posted, they will be far better researched, in-depth and have the ability to address the areas on which the information is missing. We can forecast the trends of content and tell you what to write about and what to focus on.

You can give us a list of topics and websites that you want to track constantly. We will keep an eye out on what are the new developments in your focus areas and also, give you similarities and differences in the content within these websites. We can compare a list of articles for you as well.

After analysing several articles in your area of interest, we can also tell, what words should be used in your article to get maximum visibility to your piece. For example, after researching on several articles on FED rate hike, we found that people are searching 'central bank' more than the words 'monetary policy' or 'Fed'. Such insights will be helpful for you to choose the right words and increase your visibility. Also, we can tell you that within your focus area, what is the topic that experts, journalists etc. are not writing about but at the same time people are interested in reading about them.

There isn’t a chance for us to miss a development as our servers work 24X7 to dig out that may stay hidden on google. Our team will deliver you the insights every morning before you arrive at your office.

We have the ability to also summarize your reports in matter of minutes. You send us a document and our big data analysis will send you back the summary of that long 1000-page report.

In all this, we have an artificial intelligence platform backing us. You work smart and your organisation is able to stay ahead of the competition.

You will also be able to see people who are in the forefront of your focus area using social media and what is the most engaging video that can be leveraged either for viewing or to get more views.

How does it work? We will sit with you and your team, understand your focus research areas and then configure our systems to serve your needs. We will then constantly monitor the feed. At present, time is of value. People want to quickly understanding the context of the story and read selected parts of the article that interest them. We will install an interactive bot on your site giving your viewers gamification which helps enables them to interact with your website and keep them longer on your site. Staying longer on your site is all about how the math works for you. Also the readers start getting all sides of the story from your platform, while staying inside your platform.

The good part about digital is that it is all measurable. Work with us and see if your game begins to change and you are able to stay ahead of the competition.

We are offering you a test trial for 10 days free of cost.