Studio Live

Studio Live

An integral part of Global Live is a growing network of fully staffed 4K live shot positions in important news locations of the world. Our first live locations are in New Delhi and Mumbai. We offer experienced native correspondents who can bring nuanced perspectives for your audience on news from the South Asian region. If you have a correspondent who is traveling in the region, we will facilitate the best location for your reporters to do their lives. We can also bring guests, analysts and experts into your live shows.

Global live can also add the background of your news channel to make it look like your own studio. Our studio in Delhi has the ability to do an interview with three people with live switching capabilities.

We can customise the content and news delivery according to your requirements. The Global live bureau is the extension of your channel itself.

Your remote news bureau

We can deliver you live shots, playout and editing services at our bureaus. All the content is handled in full IP. We as partners of your network can provide you support in the field when you need it.

The locations of our bureaus are in the center of the cities. They are approachable and convenient for the guests as well. Our camera units, producers and sound recordists will work closely with your field reporters in bringing together the content you require. Incase your crew is traveling then we will place them with our production teams and get them up to speed with the local conditions.