Who are we?

Who are we?

We have been in the field of media and news for the past 25 years; reporting from the front lines, natural disasters, world's largest religious gathering like Kumbh Mela, interviewing prominent personalities, talking to people who are constantly inventing and innovating in their areas of study and many more. We are news junkies and passionate about what we do.

The relevance of journalism and journalists cannot be undermined in today's day and age to ensure checks and balances in a country. We need to ask relevant questions to all the stakeholders of the society so that people are informed about 'what is' and 'what is not happening'. At Global live, we are constantly striving for it.

In present times, news is influenced by the corporates and the governments as they are the major sources of revenue (advertisements) for a media house. We believe that if we can democratise news to an extent that every person is capable of starting its own media house, we can break this nexus of corporate houses and restore 'the' fair and unbiased journalism.

And, we can achieve this by working on the right technology. At Global live, we have a robust tech team and tech partners all over the world who are working with us to reach our goals. We are constantly engaged in marrying technology with different forms of journalism to empower people to report what they believe in.